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Zhoushan Zhoufeng Seafoods Co.,Ltd located in no.20 xinhua road puxi development district putuo zhoushan,zhejiang,china,is an individual enterprise engaged in purching,producing and marketing aquatic products.it was founded in september,1998 with £¤2.5 million registered capital and it covers an area of 5500 square meters ,including 2400 square meters processing workshops with a set of complete raw and cooed maching workshop production line and two cpoto machine production line ...
Complaints Hotline£º13386688666
No.20 xinhua road puxi development district putuo zhoushan,zhejiang,china
ADD£º No.20 xinhua road puxi development district putuo zhoushan,zhejiang,china
TEL£º0580-3096578 FAX£º0580-3090510
WEB£ºm.wcks32.cn Complaints Hotline£º13386688666